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Why not join in with Side Saddle?

If you want to try a different discipline this year, then why not have a go at a side saddle.


You will be taught be Anne/Gemma, who have both been successful in the discipline, including wins at the Aintree Ladies Side Saddle competition and placings at the Side Saddle National Championships.


Side Saddle lessons are available to both children and adults, with a number of horses available to ride. We also hold side saddle demonstrations through out the year.


To book a Side Saddle lesson today, please do not hesitate to contact the Riding School on 0113 255 6615

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I wanted to try side saddle as I really enjoy riding and I wanted to try something different. I really enjoy side saddle.

Olivia Whittaker

Side Saddle Reviews ...

Below our just a handful of comments, from clients who have tried side saddle for the first time at Back Lane.


I first tried side saddle at one of the demonstration evenings. I thought it was a really great opportunity to try something you don't generally get a chance to have a go at and also to learn a bit about the history of side saddle. I've recently started having side saddle lessons and am really enjoying learning a new skill and how all of the things I've learnt over the years astride can be applied to side saddle. It's really good fun, although I'm still waiting to feel like Lady Mary!

Stacie Ashworth

Get Involved ...

Have you recently tried Side Saddle at Back Lane?

If so we would love to hear your comments and see your photos. Please send them to :

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Great Yorkshire Show 2014

There was a side saddle demonstration held at the Great Yorkshire Show, Harrogate in 2014, in which Anne Tate rode in. Tom, our beloved riding school pony was also part of the demonstration. As well as Anne riding, Gemma Hughes was on the side lines helping to get the horses ready for their demonstration.

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Otley Show 2015


This year Anne Tate rode long time serving resident of the riding school - Archi, who is turning his hoof to something new this year. They both looked fantastic and got some great comments. Below are some photos from the day*


*Photos belong to ASW Photography, and should not be used without permission.

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